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9 Ways to Help you Stick to your Budget

Budgeting is an important tool for managing your finances. However, it may become an uphill task keeping up with your budget when you are getting started. In most cases, people abandon the budgeting process midway when they are already doing too well.  For others, they just go nuts every time they go shopping or to […]


Hormones and Your Skin

= “How to achieve beautiful, supple and young-looking skin.” You almost can’t avoid it – splashed on magazine covers, reported in newspapers and marketed on television and radio, the message to improve our skin would appear paramount to how we and others view our looks. HOW DOES OUR SKIN AGE? Skin aging is influenced by: […]


Full Tilt hk prize Updates Their Progress on Cashouts

Full Tilt Poker Room Management had promised that they would update their US-Based customers on the current status of their cashouts and when they could expect to see their player funds returned.  This past Sunday, as promised, they released an update that answered several important questions for players.  Here is a copy of their Press […]


Full Tilt Releases Investment Statement

After remaining closed-mouthed on the rumors regarding a purchase by European investors, Full Tilt Poker has finally decided to address the matter. According to, the company is indeed in the midst of negotiations with several prospective buyers. Here’s a portion of their recent press release: “While Pocket Kings Ltd. plans to continue discussions with […]


Colorado Allowed to Have 6:5 togel hongkong hari ini Tables

Hurting for cash, Colorado casinos petitioned the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission for a rule change that would tilt the game’s odds more in their favor. Their idea was to make more money by paying out 6:5 for a natural togel hongkong hari ini rather than the standard 3:2. Changing the payout required approval from the […]


Review of Fundamentals of Craps

Other than dice manipulation, there are no methods available for beating the game of craps on a consistent basis. However, the game can still be an enjoyable and, in the long run, a reasonably priced diversion, even if it can’t be beat. At the same time, craps is probably the most intimidating game in the […]

Diamond Dotz


Do diamond painting kits come with extra diamonds?

Most of the time, your kit will come with some extra diamonds. You will have more than you need for a few reasons. The obvious reason is because sometimes the diamonds get lost. They are very small, so it’s easy to lose them if they drop on the floor or fall out of the bags. […]



Sci Bo

Sic Bo, meaning “dice pair” is an ancient Chinese gambling game. Today it is one of the lesser known casino games and is often confined to designated rooms for Asian games. The game uses three dice and a table with a variety of betting options on the roll of those dice. The odds and table […]

Unique Casino


Blackjack history

Playing cards are believed to have been invented in China and/or India sometime around 900 AD. The Chinese are thought to have originated card games when they began shuffling paper money (another Chinese invention) into various combinations. In China today, the general term for playing cards means “paper tickets”. The contemporary 52 card deck used […]

Ravensburger Puzzles


The Best Diamond Painting and Ravensburger Puzzles Kits for Winter

Winter is fast approaching, which means it’s time to settle into our comfiest clothes, cancel all plans and let the creative juices flow! During the coldest months of the year, nothing beats tapping into your inner artist with some easy holiday art projects that help you express yourself and create something beautiful. You’ve got some […]