Where to visit in Turkey in November – Part 1

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November is the last chance to visit Turkey’s mesmerizing destinations before the harsh winter weather arrives

November is always a good time visit Turkey. The weather is still warm in many places and the bustling crowds have left. The hotels in famous places across the country are also more affordable. For those planning to visit Turkey this November, here are the best options.


Cappadocia is one of the best places for a honeymoon, as foreign tourists come specifically to have their wedding photos taken.

Located in the middle of the country, Cappadocia represents the finest work of mother nature and a great way to witness the region’s history. A place of natural beauty, Cappadocia has such a charming atmosphere that a one daytrip is never enough to enjoy all its attractions. With its volcanic landscape offering gorgeous scenery and slick rocks with lush, green tracks and caves, tunnels and canyons waiting to be explored, Cappadocia is a paradise. Through wind and melting snow, the region has been carved out of volcanic rock over the centuries and displays unique colors and shapes, such as the fairy chimneys. This magical region invites you to explore the heart of Anatolia with its historic remains standing as some of the most renowned ancient natural wonders. Cappadocia is among one of the most visited destinations in Turkey and will be packed with local and foreign tourists even in the harshest season. The only way to understand why it is among the top-visited spots is to take a trip to this magical land. It is also one of the best places for a honeymoon, as foreign tourists come specifically to have their wedding photos taken. All the leaves and natural beauty seem to keep pace with the colors of the area during this season and it feels like the sun sets differently when November arrives.


Also known as Hierapolis, Pamukkale – cotton castle in Turkish – is located in western Turkey. It was included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1988 based on natural and cultural criteria. Famous for its hot springs and travertines (terraces of carbonate minerals left by flowing waters), Pamukkale is for those who are looking for a relaxing experience. There are dozens of historical sites to visit, including the ancient city of Hierapolis and Greek monuments around the city. With ruins from different civilizations, natural wonders and pure white travertines formed from hot calcium-filled mineral waters, Pamukkale has three different thermal regions – Sarayköy, Karahayıt and Gölemezli – offering healthy benefits with springs and mud baths. In Pamukkale, you can spend a day or just a few hours having a completely organic cure for your skin ailments. You can also find an opportunity to visit the amazing travertines that enable you to see the kind of beauty nature is able to create. Since it is located in the west, November is an ideal time to visit with no harsh weather conditions. If you would like to see amazing natural ambiance, Pamukkale should be on your travel list. Tips Mersin Escort