Ten goals for 2007

Rather then making one huge goal for this year, I decided to do a bunch of little ones. Here they are:

Make $50,000 without เเทงหวยออนไลน์ – This one’s a bit greedy, but I want to finish this year $50,000 ahead, working for my self.

Get really good google results with – I’m finally making the top 10 results for some of my pages. Unfortunately, google is listing me at around #5-10 instead of #1. To get there i’ll have to keep writing quality content and building relivent links.

Run another bloggerpods tournament – It’s been a while since the last bloggerpods tournament and I promised that i’d make another. Bonus points if it gets a larger turnout then the first one.

Learn brakeless nose manuals (BMX) – These are hard as hell. I average about two parking spots right now and can sometimes do three. My goal is to reach 7 parking spots.

Learn flairs (BMX) – I really think I can do these, but they’re really scary to try. A flair is a backflip 180 on a quaterpipe. I’m going to woodward this spring, so mayble i’ll try to learn them there. I’ll post a video of the results

100 pushups without stopping – I was going to say 150, but I’m way to lazy for that. I can do about 60 real pushups without any practice, so i’m pretty confident i’ll be able to do 100 next year.

Own a Wii – I’ve gone out Wii hunting almost every sunday morning since they’ve been released and always come back empty handed. One day…

Win more then $5,000 in a poker tournament – this will be hard considering I barely play poker anymore.

Grow donkit – Remember Donkit? The site is doing really good right now, but it still has a lot of room to grow. Me and Kjell want to grow the ‘donk’ brand.

Create a viral website – The goal is to make a website so incredibly retarded, that it’s actually genius.

Makes you think twice about playing poker online…

I’m not sure if this video is good or bad for online poker, but it’s by the PPA so i’m pretty sure they have good intentions.

As for starting hands, just wait for a hand where all your cards work well together. a hand like JT98 is good because you have really good drawing hands like JT, J9, J8, T9, T8, and 98. If the flop misses you, you can easily get away from it. QQ72 would be bad because the only decent cards you have going for you is QQ, which is useless unless you make a set.

Also, if you’re drawing to a hand in a large pot, make sure it’s the nuts. If someone’s playing back at you, and there’s a better possible hand on the board, there’s a good chance they could have it.