slot demo Passport – biggest tournament leaderboard prize in history!

slot demo have come up with another amazing promotion for December. Never has position been so important in the PokerStars Tournament Leaderboard (TLB). This month the TLB will be used to distribute over $250,000 in cash prizes and live tournament packages to the top 1,000 players in December.

Overall there are four packages to the EPT Monte Carlo up for grabs and every player in the top 1,000 will have a chance to win a package or a cash prize. The big prize of the PokerStars Passport is just open to the elite top 100 on the leaderboard. The PokerStars Passport is said to be the biggest ever leaderboard promotion in the history of online poker and really, it is!

The PokerStars Passport entitles the holder to play in the EPT German Open to be held in Dortmund in January 2008 and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January 2009 plus in between the, oh so lucky, winner gets to choose a further eight (yes, 8!) tournaments from any stop on the EPT or APPT or a WSOP main event. This is a truly awesome prize!

So, this is how it goes, the top 100 players on the PokerStars Leaderboard for December will play their best on the 13th January at 18.00GMT (13.00 ET) for the following:-

1. PokerStars Passport

2. EPT Monte Carlo Package EPT

3. $10,000

4. $5,000

5. $3,000

6. $2,500

7. $2,000

8. $1,500

9. $1,000

There’s more to the PokerStars Passport, the winner will not just be playing for themselves but everytime the passport holder cashes in one of the 10 events 10% is given back to PokerStars, that amount will then be doubled to be the prize of the Frequent Flyer Freeroll, so if you’re a silver star player or higher you can join in these tournaments for just 10 FPPs!

If you rank between 101st and 1000th in the Tournament Leaderboard for December then you will be placed in one of the three groups competing on 13th January at 18.00 GMT (13.00 ET), yes all four tournaments are to be played online at the same time, and the prizes are:-

1. Monte Carlo Package EPT

2. $5,000

3. $3,000

4. $2,000

5. $1,500

6. $1,250

7. $1,000

8. $750

9. $500

It’s automatic registration for all tournaments so no forgetting to put your name down. The tournaments will be in place by Wednesday 10th January 2008 with all the lucky players listed and their place reserved.

This is truly a month to remember at PokerStars, if you haven’t already got an account make sure you check out our PokerStars Marketing Code page for full details of an extra special bonus which entitles you enter the December series of exclusive First Deposit freerolls worth $30k, plus Pokernews freerolls to great live events like the Aussie Millions and WSOP. Need more? Check out our PokerStars review for all the latest on why PokerStars is the biggest poker site on the net!