EX2 Citrus Punch Energy drink and Energy sugar free drink by Vimgo

Energy sugar free

Ok, take a can of Deep Woods Off!, spray it in the air and take a good whiff.  Now, take some sugar, mix it in water and sip…combine the two and you have the taste of EX2 Citrus Punch.  This stuff is brutal….extremely sweet, and at the same time bitter and quite…well how do I put this?  Bug-Spray-ish?  Seriously, I think if you poured this on yourself not only would you maybe absorb some of the herbs in it, but you’d probably keep mosquitoes away.  My first sip of this stuff drew quite a reaction….I actually had a hard time swallowing it down, and was fearing the thought of having to drink the whole can.  Luckily the second sip was not as bad (because I was now prepared for it) and it’s only 8 freakin ounces so I got rid of it pretty quickly.  If this stuff had been in a Monster, or Boo-Koo sized can I think suicide may have actually been an option… Do companies actually get to a point where they have put everything they want to in a drink and then get so tired of trying to make it taste good that they just say “hey Bob, it didn’t kill anyone, and this last batch of testers didn’t throw up…I think we have a winner.”

So not that it matters much, but the Energy sugar free properties were quite low…especially for the hell you have to go through to get what you do out of it.  One the bright side, the can states that it supposed to be a “sustained energy”…that part is true…what I did get from it lasted a bit longer than normal drinks do, but hell that could also be from the fact that it took me twice as long to drink this can as it does other stuff.  Personally I’ll be passing on this stuff….I think I know why I have only seen it in one store now.

Rush has been one of those drinks that I have seen on the shelves for a loooong time but never got around to picking up.  As lame as this sounds, I get distracted by other drinks and their bright and flashy can designs….kind of like how a fish will bite at a piece of metal that contains neither food, nor scent (and much in the same fashion I have gotten hooked and stuck quite a few times.)  Anyway, I FINALLY got around to buying a can or Rush and damn it, I should have done it a long time ago.  This stuff rocks!  Rush taste a lot like a milder version of a strawberry soda with a little green apple added to the mix.  It’s very smooth, has NO strange aftertaste, and there is nothing at all medicinal about it….it’s just pretty damn good.  Considering the flavor of Rush, it seems odd that the drink itself is actually a super bright ass yellow…almost like you are drinking ink out of a yellow highlighter marker…..basically it doesn’t taste at all like you would think it would from looking at it. Power wise Rush is a bit weaker than the other drinks of its size.  It doesn’t have quite the punch of a Monster, or No Fear, but it still holds its own (It’s very close hence the rating).  The good stuff in it consists basically of Taurine and caffeine which makes it a lot different then the other drinks out there that try to fit anything they can into each serving.  This probably also explains why Rush is so damn good….Almost like they tried for flavor first, THEN added the energy stuff….take a hint Rawlings!

I’d have to say that Rush would probably make a damn fine party drink.  Adding some vodka could turn in into an instant classic and I think I’d probably prefer it over a Red Bull and Vodka.  Rush is one of my new favorites.  I’ll definitely be picking up another can when I get the chance….it’s some damn good stuff.