Eldon C. Davis Biography

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Mr. Davis has dedicated 50 years to planning and architectural design in Southern California and throughout the nation. He maintains a clear understanding of project’s needs and budget requirements, and assembles information from every applicable resource and discipline, including expert consultants, in order to complete each project to the client’s wishes.

Mr. Davis and Mr. Louis Armet established Armet & Davis, A.I.A. Architects in 1947. Mr. Davis has been a Commissioner on the State Board of Architectural Examiners since 1986. In this capacity, he conducts oral architectural licensure exams for the State Board.

He has been a member of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, has been associated with Rotary International, and was Sponsor of “Gateway to Los Angeles”, the environmental enhancement program at Los Angeles International Airport.

Mr. Davis has been Architect in charge of over …