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Noble Poker Offers Best World Series of 토토 먹튀Chances

The Odds are in your favor to qualify for 토토 먹튀at Noble Poker. The odds are in your favor at Noble 토토 먹튀. In an effort to increase its visibility, Noble Poker ( is running a big World Series of Poker promotion, offering numerous seats to the big tournament in July. Noble Poker is a […]



betso88 Strategy and Optimizing Lady Luck in betso88

In betso88 strategy circles we hear a lot about odds, percentages, averages, and associated terms like short haul, long run, and infinity. But maybe we should turn our focus to what kind of luck we are having in our sessions. Let’s kick it around a bit and see if lady luck should play a role […]



A Day at the World에볼루션

I decided to take $5,000 to Atlantic City to enter the에볼루션Event at the brand new Borate. I registered the morning of the tournament, and I was delighted to see an abundance of amateur players in line with me to sign up. “Good,” I thought to myself, “This line-up won’t be so dense with professionals. Maybe […]


Main Event Heats up – Down to 30토토사이트추천

If you want to be surprised when the Main Event comes on TV, don’t토토사이트추천 read this. Ok, you’re warned. The Main Event is heating up, almost down to the final three tables as I’m writing this. In a field of 8,773, mostly no-names, we’re left with, well, mostly no-names. However, some big names are still […]


kodokmas 99 Systems / Poker Psychology

A question: What makes you choose kodokmas 99 above alternative strategy games such as chess, bridge or video-games? Now A Thought Experiment! One day – while reading one or another of Mark’s excellent websites (!) – you come across a secret and powerful super-tip that can win you a steady rate at the tables in […]


Bond’s Ericsson-controlled BMW come to life – with Nokia C7

Melbourne, Jan 26: Remember watching James Bond control a Bmw using his Ericsson mobile phone? Anyone who has ever played with a remote-control car might have dreamt of this moment – driving a real BMW down the road using his or her Smartphone. Now, two Chinese coders have achieved what James Bond fans could only […]


Ten goals for 2007

Rather then making one huge goal for this year, I decided to do a bunch of little ones. Here they are: Make $50,000 without เเทงหวยออนไลน์ – This one’s a bit greedy, but I want to finish this year $50,000 ahead, working for my self. Get really good google results with – I’m finally making […]


Tournament Fish

If you didn’t get the chance to watch bandar judi pulsa coverage of the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event, you missed out. ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 have been providing live (no hole cards), semi-live (hole cards), and produced coverage of the event (only the best hands, edited commentary), in a nonstop stream of the […]