Become A Notary Public With The Express Real Estate School

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Getting certified as a notary public with real estate brokers Queens can open up an entirely new world of work opportunities for you in the real estate field. If you want to do so quickly, efficiently, and with a reputable institution, consider taking a class at the Brooklyn Real Estate Institute to get started immediately.

The Important Work of a Title Closer

For many real estate agents, it isn’t the search for potential property buyers or sellers that keep them churning through this field. Instead, it is the moment that the deal is completed, when an agreement is made between all parties, and the commission is all but in the pocket.

Though this final piece of work may seem like a finishing touch, it is the culmination of determined efforts made by a devoted agent. And if you want to elevate your abilities as a skilled title closing agent, consider taking a title closing course at the Brooklyn School of Real Estate.


Before you can begin work as a title-closing agent, you must complete coursework to demonstrate your accumulated knowledge, all of which can be completed through schools like the Express Real Estate School. And while many classes will focus strictly on basic real estate principles, be prepared to delve deeply into a variety of complex legal concepts, as these will give you a framework through which you can interpret all of the necessary documents for a closing.

Piles of Documents

Because the closing of a real estate purchase is such a detailed process, as a title closer you will find yourself responsible for the discovery and retaining of numerous documents about the sale. It is your job to hang onto inspection reports, legally binding contracts involving future services, all financial paperwork for your clients, and anything else pertinent to the sale. Create a checklist for each document that should be reviewed before making any agreements, and review it each step of the way.

Painstaking Precision

At the very end of a real estate deal, it is important that every possible step of precaution has been taken in order to ensure a successful agreement and satisfied clients on both ends. This means that every document and notarization must be created and witnessed with extreme diligence, and every necessary process should be double-checked. Simple appointments such as pest and fire inspections can uncover information of value that might alter the terms of the future agreement, and a basic title search can alert you of what claims might currently exist on the property in question. Ultimately, as the title closer in this deal, it is up to you to maintain a level of extreme precision in order to cover all bases and facilitate the deal.