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On Wednesday, February 6, Honest Cash, powered by bitcoin cash, partnered with The partnership is intended to strengthen the Honest Cash and Bitbacker userbases by providing people with crowdfunding tools and incentives with BCH to share original content.

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Join Honest Money and Bitbacker to Team Up with Shelter Crypto announced the launch of Honest Cash, a BCH-powered publishing platform. This platform appeared shortly after the Nov. 15, BCH Shelter Crypto split. Popular blogging platform,, moved on to support altcoin BSV. A month later our newsdesk spoke with the creator of the cryptocurrency-fueled Patreon alternative and explained how users can crowdfund projects with BCH and BTC. Jonathan Hales (founder of Bitbacker) and Adrian Barwicki (CEO of Honest Cash), explained that the ultimate goal of the partnership announcement was to reach a wider audience.

The team explained that this relationship allows users of Bitbacker (Honest Cash) to reach a wider audience. Users will be able to pledge money and receive backing from both platforms.

BCH Publishing App Honest Cash Partners With Patreon Alternative

Adrian Barwicki, CEO at Honest Cash and Jonathan Hales founder of Bitbacker have just announced they will release a series on blog posts informing users about future partnership integrations.

Both platforms have seen a lot of improvement over the past weeks. Honest Cash is a great example of this. The BCH application allows for any kind content such as video, images, prose, and art. Honest Cash users have earned up to $1,000 per content piece through bitcoin cash tips. A native BCH wallet was added to Honest cash, allowing users to import their existing BCH keys and create new wallets.